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Christopher M. Park's ambition was to make himself a published novelist before entering college. While he completely missed this target, he did manage to become a freelance computer artist at seventeen, a Certified Novell Administrator at eighteen, the Chief Technology Officer of a small SaaS software company at twenty-four, and a the owner of a small idependent games development company at twenty-six. During this same time he met and married his wife, completed his undergraduate degree in business administration, and wrote several iterations of the software that controls the robots his father and uncle are building from old parts.

Despite the demands of running two small companies, Christopher remains an avid reader and game player. Most of his own writing is a blend of science fiction and fantasy, though he finds inspiration from an eclectic list of genres. Similarly, his games fall into many genres, and are often genre mashups to begin with. The first game by his company, a space-based RTS called AI War, is currently available for demo or purchase.
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